Family with children painting in school

What is Social Communication Disorder? How Is It Treated?

The American Psychiatric Association published this new edition of its diagnostic manual in May 2013. It provides healthcare providers with new guidelines for diagnosing mental and behavioral conditions. SCD encompasses problems with social interaction, social understanding, and pragmatics. Pragmatics refers to using language in proper context. For example, it’s important for children to develop the[…]

Halloween Tips: How to Keep Children with ASD Safe

Halloween is most children’s favorite festival. Who doesn’t love getting dressed in their favorite costume and gathering an enormous amount of candies once a year. But for children with ASD there may be some challenges. Here are some suggestions to help make it as safe as possible: Prepare ahead of time the route you will[…]

Maximizing In-Home ABA Therapy to Achieve Successful Outcomes

In-Home ABA Therapy allows the therapy to occur in a natural environment where the behaviors and skills taught are occurring for best results. The skills are then generalized into the community by attending various outings with the child. To achieve a successful outcome for ABA line teachers: The fun begins when the ABA teacher arrives[…]

Natural Environment Teaching (NET) for Advanced Learners

This blog is about capturing naturally occurring ABA teaching moments using Natural Environment Teaching (Incidental Teaching and Time Delay Technique). Most people think of ABA teaching as having a child sit by the table one on one with an instructor, and reinforcers spread out in front of them. This is only one method of teaching[…]

What is the Secret to a Successful Therapeutic Relationship?

What’s the Secret to a Successful Therapeutic Relationship?

In this blog, I will discuss the relationship bond between the child and therapist and how therapists and parents can prepare for successful outcomes. First, The Secret! The therapeutic  techniques used by the therapist are not always directly correlated to the effectiveness of the treatment. Rather, it is the relationship bond that develops between child[…]