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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Achievement Behavior Services

Job Type: Full-Time

BCBA Job Positions in the New York City area, New Jersey, and Connecticut


Achievement Behavior Services is a Behavioral Health Care Agency providing services for clients throughout the New York City area, and New Jersey. We are seeking a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to oversee our team of talented and dedicated therapists who provide ABA services to children with autism (ages 2- 22) in their own environment.

We coach and mentor new BCBA’s so that they can become experts in the field and advance their careers. We give experienced BCBA’s the independence to treat patients in the way that they consider to be most effective, so they can get the best possible results.


We’re looking for a life-changing BCBA with the following personal characteristics:

  1. Adaptable — ABA therapy offers a slew of techniques to choose from.  Each child is different, and different times call for different approaches.  Adaptability means that the BCBA can employ the right ABA strategies for the right child at the right time.  This also includes adapting to the needs and abilities of the therapists under your supervision.
  2. Observant— Advancing a learner from where they are now to where they could be begins with a keen, observant eye.  An observant BCBA not only perceives the individual learner but also his or her family, educational, and social environment.  An observant BCBA notices what is missing for the child, whether it be a skill or an element in their environment.  An observant BCBA is also aware of the various therapists under his or her supervision, their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Visionary — Bringing about successful behavioral development requires vision.  The BCBA is the primary visionary, while the therapist brings the vision to life.  As an outgrowth of keen observation, the visionary BCBA can formulate a clear growth path and ultimate destination for each child.
  4. Motivator— Motivating others is a fundamental skill for a successful BCBA.  The motivating BCBA will know which techniques to apply per child that will  best motivate their learning.  The motivating BCBA will also be capable of nurturing his or her own motivation and that of the therapists he or she works with.
  5. Passionate— Working with autism requires tremendous commitment and energy.  We are looking for BCBAs who see their work as more than a job; they should see it as a cause.  We find that this attitude generates the most effective care.
  6. Compassionate— Compassion is essential to ABA work in general.  For the BCBA, compassion is also important as a supervisor overseeing the work of multiple therapists.  Even though the therapists have a common educational background, they each bring their own strengths, weaknesses, and varying levels of experience.  Compassion is critical to maintaining a positive and effective relationship between supervisor and therapist.
  7. Professional — This includes fundamental professionalism, such as reliability and timeliness.  Professionalism as includes maintaining a positive, healthy, and effective leadership role as supervisor for a team of therapists.  Excellent written and verbal communication is vital.


We want therapists who share our values & company culture:

  • Commitment – to our patients, their parents, and each other
  • Continual improvement – growing as therapists and as people
  • Honesty and integrity – treating others the way we want to be treated



  1. To apply for the position, use the form you see to the right to introduce yourself to us.
  2. After you click the yellow “Apply” button, you’ll be sent to our thank you page.
  3. On the thank you page is an email address you will use to send us your resume.  Simply send us your resume and we will contact you.
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