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In-Home ABA Services

While some parents can tame their children with remedies to fix behavior problems, other parents require additional help when it comes to poor choices that lead to less-than-desirable behavior in their kids. Such is especially the case when children are diagnosed with mental disorders such as autism. Parents may sometimes feel like they have reached their wits end in such instances.

ABA therapy sessions were created to explore the reasons for behavioral problems and thereby empower children to take control of their destiny by making better decisions. Read on to see how such a treatment option can help when your child lives with autism.

What Is ABA Therapy? 
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of intensive therapy that focuses on the various techniques of learning theory to bring about better social behavior. ABA therapy is meant to do the following:

  • Develop the patient’s personal skills;
  • Refine previously learned skills;
  • Decrease problematic behavior.

One of the reasons why ABA therapy agencies are so effective in their practice is due to the nature of behavior analysis. Contrary to other forms of treatment for social behavior, applied behavior treatment does not attempt to place a muzzle on a person’s troubled actions. Instead, the therapy option seeks to work with natural tendencies to find a remedy.

Speaking and eating, for example, are two common acts that every individual engages in during his lifetime. The manner by which a person carries out these tasks, however, varies by environment and brain function. An individual may adapt to a fast environment by speaking rapidly. The same person may also consume his food quickly in efforts to keep up with the pace of things. ABA therapy seeks to understand the reason behind a person’s actions for more effective treatment.

Who Uses This Type of Treatment?
Anyone can utilize the benefits of an applied behavior analysis session. Individuals living with autism especially serve to benefit from the treatment. Autism, by definition, is a mental condition that makes communication difficult. The condition is typically diagnosed during the early years of childhood, though some new cases of autism show adults receiving a diagnosis after living with the disorder for years.

Many medical professionals count autism as an incurable condition, which is why they tell parents of children living with the disorder to prepare for the worst. Medical doctors also tend to medicate the problem rather than address behavioral issues. Sertraline (Zoloft) and fluoxetine (Prozac) are two of several more medications used to calm children living with autism. Still, even with pharmaceutical assistance, the likelihood of children learning to overcome developmental issues in the long-run is slim when medicine is the only source of treatment.

Some parents of children living with autism choose to combine pharmaceutical treatment with that of ABA therapy for a maximum effect. Such a plan tends to lend more favorable results as children living with autism are given medication to calm them at the moment all while receiving therapy that lets them gain better control of their emotions.

What Does A Therapy Session Involve?
The average ABA session involves the therapist gauging the condition of the patient through various behavioral assessments. A professional does not assume all cases of autism as equal but rather takes into account the actions of every patient as well as their responses on questionnaires to form an effective plan.

Many professionals in the field also assess the condition of parents when creating a plan. It is not so much that ABA therapists believe that mothers and fathers of children living with autism have passed the condition down to their children. In actuality, experts still do not have an exact pinpoint as to how autism develops in human beings. Assessing the condition of the parents serves is more a matter of the therapist getting a full understanding as to what moms and dads understand about autism and what concepts need to be learned going forward.

Parents should not be intimidated by the assessment process but should rather view the step as a way to contribute to the child’s development. It is also necessary for mothers and fathers of children living with autism to continue participating in the treatment process so that everyone is on the same page. The need for all members of the family to participate in therapy sessions is why some choose in-home care.

What Is In-Home ABA Therapy?
In-home ABA therapy is all of the things that patients love about a regular therapy session brought to the comforts of home. Patients do not have to travel to the therapist’s office to receive care under the in-home ABA treatment model. Instead, the professional comes to the family.

There are many benefits attached to the ABA in-home therapy model. The most obvious advantage is the environment. Children living with autism may find it difficult to adjust to change. It is not uncommon for such patients to require several minutes to settle into the therapist’s office before each session begins even if they are meeting on a weekly basis. In-home therapy eliminates the need for children living autism to adjust to a new environment. The patient recognizes the living area as such and may find it easier to settle into the therapy session when surrounded by familiarity.

Another benefit that comes with the in-home therapy model is convenience. There are days when, regardless of the preparation, children living with autism prefer to stay indoors. Parents would typically have to cancel the session under the traditional ABA therapy model since there is no way to get their children to the therapist’s office if the little ones refuse to leave their room. The in-home model, however, lifts the burden of transporting off the parents’ shoulders and places such responsibility on the therapist. It may even be possible for the therapist to meet the troubled child in his hiding place and better understand why the day is so challenging.

How Do You Get Set Up With In-Home Therapy?
The easiest way to get the ball rolling with an in-home ABA therapy session is by contacting an ABA therapy agency. Achievement Behavior Services has been in the business of ABA therapy for many years and specializes in things such as in-home treatment sessions. We understand the challenges that come with developmental disorders such as autism and want to work with our patients to ensure the best care.

Many of our services are covered under insurance plans, which means that you may not need to pay a lot of money upfront for treatment. Contact us today to get started with your session and leave behavioral issues in the past where they belong!

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