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Maximizing In-Home ABA Therapy to Achieve Successful Outcomes

In-Home ABA Therapy allows the therapy to occur in a natural environment where the behaviors and skills taught are occurring for best results. The skills are then generalized into the community by attending various outings with the child.

To achieve a successful outcome for ABA line teachers:

  • The fun begins when the ABA teacher arrives not ends. Never pull the child away from an enjoyable activity when you arrive, such as TV, videos, and playing with siblings. Ask the parent to turn off the TV 15 minutes before arriving, and include members of the family in the sessions. The child has to be excited when you arrive in an anticipation of the positive reinforcements he/she will start earning
  • Don’t label yourself as “the teacher” or “tutor” as the child is not in a school setting.  Instead, you are a “friend” or “mentor”
  • Keep the sessions fresh and new by updating toys and activities regularly
  • Maintain an animated fun environment with upbeat affect; bring music, puppets, etc., to the session
  • Quickly move across activities, be prepared with toys and reinforcers. Each activity should last between 8-10 minutes
  • Invite peers into the house for planned playdates to facilitate social skills
  • Don’t forget to collect data every day

Our BCBA supervisor:

  • Review and Analyze collected data
  • Support and provide feedback to ABA therapist
  • Review progress with parents by analyzing the data, goals, and targets
  • Keep an open line of communication between agency, parents, and ABA teacher
  • Parent trainings
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At Achievement Behavior Care we understand the challenges of keeping sessions fresh and exciting every day. Our ABA teachers provide opportunities during the session for the child to earn social, tangible, and fun activities as a motivation for behavioral and skill progress. Our ABA staff is encouraged to go out into the community with the child to generalize skills they learned at home. They go to the library, playground, supermarket, etc., to further enhance learning.

If you have any questions, contact us. We would love to provide you with more information.

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