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School Consultations By Our ABA Therapy Agency ABA Home Therapy in New York & New Jersey

School Consultations By Our ABA Therapy Agency

Applied behavior analysis benefits teachers and students not just the ones with learning disabilities, disruptive behavior, or on the autism spectrum with neurological disorders. As consultants to public and private school systems, our Achievement Behavior Services licensed board-certified applied behavior analysts can assess children, classrooms, and curriculum. Our consultants train, offer resources, and counsel educators to help them effectively manage their classrooms.

Parental Responsibility
Parents decide what is best for their learning disabled, multi-handicapped, or autistic children. Parents are faced with endless choices, and they need to make informed decisions with regards to their children’s education. Parents enroll their children in clinical programs for treatment in response to symptoms, when they decide the child’s ungovernable, or to manage neurological conditions. Professionals can make decisions for them removing their children from classroom settings, requiring psychological evaluations, and ordering medication for their children.

Achievement Behavior Analysis
Our team of National Board Certified Achievement Behavior Analysts each have at least 12 years of experience and graduate credits beyond their master’s degree level education. Our interventions are cost-effective covered by medical insurance plans in both New York and New Jersey although coverage and annual limits vary by insurance company. Insurance law requires your insurance company to pay for treatment of your child’s learning disability or your child’s autism spectrum disorder. Our entire staff, including our office manager, has extensive experience in advocating for Childen with neurological developmental disabilites and insurance will pay for an individual child’s assessment, treatment plan, and behavior, speech, and intellectual learning plans. Our aba achievement oriented therapists routinely provide:

• Behavior assessments
• In-home services
• In-school services
• Instruction for parents and family
• Behavioral intervention plans
• Supervision and one-on-one instruction
• Support groups

Learning disabled children may need physical, speech, occupational, and cognitive therapy and physical education. If your child’s primary diagnosis is autism, Asperger’s syndrome, or a mental health disorder, your medical insurance will decide that behavior analysis is medically necessary for your child.

Cost Effective Treatment Plans
Unfortunately, insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders varies by provider. North Jersey law requires your major medical insurance to pay for preliminary screening and diagnosis of learning disabilities, including Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders. A diagnosis of childhood autism means that your child needs medication and therapeutic treatment. If your child’s primary diagnosis is autism or Asperger’s syndrome, your medical insurance provider requires that your child follow a behavior therapy treatment plan. Your health care insurance provider may require a second opinion from a behavioral health clinician in your local hospital.

Parent Training
Achievement behavior analysts develop customized training modules for parents of children with behavior problems. Our applied behavior therapists teach parents concepts and routines expected to be highly effective in managing their child’s ungovernable behavior. Parents can contact our therapists any time of the day or night. Our parent training curriculum teaches parents how to reinforce desirable behavior, use visual resources to tell your child what to expect, and how to teach your child social skills. Our staff can provide research-based manuals for parents.

Structural Analysis of Classroom
Identifying triggers or causes of students’ antisocial behavior in a classroom, in interaction with other students, in response to allergens, with unexpected noise levels, or the weather can impact students’ behavior. Physiological changes, loss of a friend, illness, or problems at home. Our behavior analyst can provide a thoughtful structural analysis of the classroom to help the teacher develop an environment that’s conducive to learning.

Accountability – Measuring Students’ Progress
Our applied behavior therapists can collect, compile, and plot data measuring students’ progress. Data collection includes grades, tardy arrivals, absences, and complete and incomplete homework assignments. Our board-certified behavior analysts can relieve or assist educators in monitoring students’ progress. Our therapists create Behavior Implementation Plans for students who need them. Every three years our specialized team uses standardized diagnostic instruments to measure progress, assess need, and draft plans for students’ future.

Transition to Middle School
As a child becomes a teenager and enters middle school, our BCBA analysts incorporate advanced language skills, personal safety, puberty, and adolescent development into learning and behavior plans. Teaching a disabled 13-year old to recognize, understand, and respect another’s body language and express his or her own changing emotions and feelings requires the development of healthy relationship skills and new independent living skills. Teenagers learn independent living skills, personal hygiene, nutrition and meal preparation, laundry, and how to dress as an adult. BCBAs teach middle school students how and when to discuss and express sensitive subjects, such as, the need for a sanitary pad, and when it is appropriate to do so.

Functional Behavior Assessments
Our experienced BCBAs complete detailed assessments in compliance with the Federal Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Amendments of 1997 for students who disrupts others in the classroom. After completing the Functional Behavior Assessment, our therapists assist teachers with individual education plans for each child and behavior intervention plans. If a student is expelled for ten days or more a functional behavior assessment is required by law. The FBA must explain how the problematic behavior is related to the student’s disability.

Positive Behavior Supports
Each student covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education ACT also requires positive behavior supports. Positive Behavior Supports are a written plan to teach new positive behavior to each disabled student. Specifically, positive supports are interventions to change disabled students’ social behavior.

Rewarding Positive Behavior
Rewarding positive behavior and academic accomplishments has always been used with good intentions in the public school. Unfortunately, even the use of token systems only work on students who can understand the cause and effect. Rewards may be given to only students who benefit from a reward system. Rewards like extra time on the playground or a movie on Friday is a break in a routine and possibly a chance to practice social skills, but extra time on the playground or movies are not easily associated with students’ accomplishments or good behavior. Our BCBA can help you tailor a system of rewards to specific special needs students. For example, a dime for a completed assignment, a quarter for a good grade on a test, or a dollar for the completion of a lengthy assignment in neat legible penmanship on time as requested by the teacher.

Achievement Behavior Services
Call Achievement Behavior Services at 516-229-1194 for board certified applied behavior analysts with the evidence-driven ability to solve your students’ behavior problems. Middle school students who fight and underperforming special education classes are detrimental to your entire school. You hired the best possible teachers and offer up to date professional development classes but the problem persists. The cost of our services may be paid by parents’ major medical insurance policies.

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