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Tip for traveling with an ASD child

December 28, 2022

Activities that involve changing routines can be difficult for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder who are especially tied into familiar patterns. The challenges posed by traveling can place a great deal of pressure on parents and family members who are planning a trip of any length or duration. 

At Total Care Therapy, our experienced and committed staff presents the tools each ASD family needs to cope with the behaviors and communication challenges that arise. Here are a list of suggestions to consider when planning a trip, whether it involves taking the car, an airplane or another mode of travel:

Before planning a full vacation, try a one-night stay in a nearby hotel. Bring the child’s blankets and other familiar items. 

To decrease the fear of the unknown, show the child photos or videos of the destination, and tell them who is going and what activities are planned. Create a calendar to help the child count the days before departure.

If a flight is being planned, check with the airport to see if they allow preflight practice runs through security to simulate the process. Alert security and the airlines about the child’s condition beforehand. Have a plan to keep the child occupied during the flight.

Some theme parks accommodate people with special needs with designated passes that allow the family to steer clear of long lines and crowds. 

Always be sure your child is wearing identification securely attached to their clothing. The tag should list the child’s name, diagnosis, any details that might help calm them while waiting to be reunited, and of course your cell phone number. 

At Total Care Therapy, we place the safety and quality of life of your child and your family in the highest regard. By specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis — the scientifically recognized gold standard ABA therapy — we have provided measurable, meaningful results for many ASD families. Please contact us to learn more about our services.

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