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ABA Therapy in Central & Southern Jersey

ABA Therapy Services in Central & Southern Jersey

If you live in Princeton or the surrounding area, you want the best possible education for your child with special needs. Our Central Jersey achievement behavior therapists benefit students, teachers and parents. Our national board certified applied behavior analysts have at least 12 years of experience evaluating and treating children with autism spectrum neurological disorders. Our therapist is educated above the master’s level and will strive to help your child reach his or her greatest potential.

Initial Assessment
Our services begin with an interview with you and your child within your family, his or her siblings. The whole family can input into your child’s initial assessment. If your child qualifies for our services based on our initial screening, our office manager with extensive experience advocating for children with autism spectrum disorders and their families will contact your insurance company.

Diagnosis Code
Our Central Jersey Achievement Behavior Analyst continues to assess your child’s level of functioning and ability to learn with a variety of psychological surveys and tests. Your child’s initial intelligence, social behavior, and environmental intelligence scores are compared to other children his or her age and how your child compares to other children with autism spectrum disorders from Asperger’s to profound autism with a seizure disorder. Our licensed therapist attaches a diagnosis code to his test scores and develops a learning plan for your child. Your New Jersey medical insurance will pay for your child’s assessment and his or her treatment plan.

As Your Autistic Child Gets Older
Our applied behavior analysts can attend school with your child to help him or her make the best of opportunities to learn. Your child may need medication and behavior therapy. Our behavior therapist who taught your child how to get up, get dressed, and leave for school can teach your adolescent child about puberty and his or her developing body and changing hormones. Our applied behavior analysts can help your teenager understand body language, express new emotions and thoughts, and respect other students. Your autistic child must develop healthy relationships and learn adult living skills. Your teen must be taught personal hygiene, nutrition, how to cook, do laundry, and how to dress like an adult.

Public or Private School
Parents and autistic children vary in their intellectual abilities, knowledge, and experience. Parents may prefer to enroll their autistic child in a clinical program rather than educate their child in the public school. A combination of both may be best for your child. Parents need to make informed choices from public and private school curriculums. If your child has trouble paying attention, is disruptive, difficult to control, or endangers others, the public schools offer clinical alternatives.

Applied Behavior Analysts in School
Therapeutic day schools are open for students 12 to 21 years old with behavioral and emotional disorders, who are candidates for behavioral health hospitalization. Paradigm Therapeutic Day School combines clinical services and classroom instruction with child and adolescent psychiatrists continuously on the premises during the school day. The psychiatrists conduct examinations, review students’ progress, and prescribe medication when necessary.

Hard to Manage Children
If your autistic child is struggling in the public school, our applied behavior therapists can help your autistic child with a functional behavior assessment in complete compliance with your child’s teachers and school pursuant to the Federal Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Amendments of 1997. Your medical insurance pays for our cost-effective applied behavior services if your child has been expelled from the public school for ten days or more. Our board-certified Achievement Behavior Analysts report in detail how the dysfunctional or ungovernable behavior is related to your child’s autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.

ABA Therapy in School
Our board-certified achievement behavior analyst, as a consultant to your child’s public or private school, analyzes your child, his or her classroom, and the curriculums. Our consultants supply resources and work with educators to effectively manage autistic behavior in their classrooms. Your autistic child may be upset by changes in routines, schedules, temperature, or students walking around the room or in the halls. Your child may get angry or frustrated with uncomfortable feelings, fire drills, or another child’s screaming. Your child may fight with others, take his clothes off, or refuse to do as he’s told.

Behavior Intervention Plans
Your child’s ABA therapy behavior intervention plan targets his or her disruptive behavior and focuses on learning new skills, mathematics, problem solving, following directions, and written and oral communication. ABA therapists can develop individual learning plans for your child to help you supervise your autistic child. In compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, our behavior analyst drafts positive behavior supports for your child. Positive Behavior Supports are a written plan to reinforce positive behavior and improve your child’s social interactions.

ABA Therapy for Parents and Families
Our applied behavior analysts teach parents and siblings about childhood autism, specifically what is to be expected from your child or sibling. Our achievement behavior therapists can teach you how to respond consistently to your autistic family member’s repetitive behavior, reward constructive behavior, and change dangerous or destructive behavior. Our therapists are available to parents 24 hours each day to assist, answer questions, and make referrals. Our achievement behavior therapy support groups for parents enable you to socialize with adults, other parents of autistic children, and really relate to others who also have autistic children.


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    South Jersey Vacations with our BCAB Therapists
    Family vacations are possible with our licensed applied behavior analysts in Cape May, Avalon, Atlantic City, Wildwood, or Long Beach Island and our network of support services for parents and family of autistic children. Have fun with other families with autistic family members, and feel free to enjoy dinner and entertainment while our master’s level board certified applied behavior analyst works one-on-one with your child.

    Achievement Behavior Services
    Call our Central or South Jersey Applied Behavior Analysts in our Passaic, New Jersey, office at 973-435-9457 to schedule an appointment for an initial assessment of your autistic child or complete our online intake form to apply for our services. Our board certified behavior analysts are available to our clients and their families 24 hours each day to help you, answer your questions, or make referrals.

    process Our Process

    How It Works?

    Research over the last 40+ years has shown the efficacy of ABA Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    ABA not covered by your insurance? We can help! Open enrollment to buy a supplement single plan insurance November 1 to November 15. Contact Achievement Behavior Services for more information today.


    The intake consists of the BCBA observing your child and determining their severity on the spectrum, as well as discussing concerns with your family.

    Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. (516) 229-1194

    Insurance Eligibility

    To determine your eligibility for our services, you'll need to fill out our application, provide us with your child's official diagnosis and provide us with your health insurance information, including a prescription for ABA therapy.

    We offer Behavior Intervention Plans for families who live in the New York as well as in the New Jersey area. We'll help parents to create a BIP that describes any problem behaviors that are known. Contact us at (516) 229-1194 for info today!


    After discussing your child's needs with you and filling out the eligibility forms, the BCBA will thoroughly assess your child to further determine what their needs are.

    At our Social Skills, Groups Staff and parents act as authors who exchange information with ASD children through a formulated process. Contact Achievement Behavior Services for more info. We have locations in the New Jersey and New York areas.


    If you're eligible for our services and we determine that we can help your child, we'll begin therapy. In Central & Southern Jersey, we offer direct, in-home care, as well as therapies at certain local schools and in social group settings.

    I want to take the time to thank you guys for all your hard work. I know your job isn't easy but I want you to know that your hard work is paying off. My son is doing things he's never done before interested in potty believe it or not he grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom so he can sit although he doesn't do anything but he takes me. He eats oranges and strawberries that was unheard of a few months ago he sometimes eats with a spoon even if it's for a few seconds that was unheard of he's more attentive omg the list goes on. I just wanted to take the time to say ty and I have the best therapist in the world.


    A huge thank you for finding me the BEST two ABA therapist. Sophia and Grace are true rock stars and walking angels. Their skills combined with kindness and patience of a saint have truly helped Sophie progress. Sophie, me and her dad, are truly grateful for all of you!


    A big thank you to Esti Perl, Intake coordinator, for helping us navigate the insurance information. We were never provided by other agencies all our options. We were struggling to find Full-Time employment and pay for ABA therapy caused us tremendous stress. Esti has helped us save so much money, and we received the very best ABA therapist.


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