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About Achievement Therapy Services
If your child is on the autism spectrum, Achievement Therapy Services is here to help. We are an ABA therapy agency that provides high-quality Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy to families throughout New York and Central New Jersey. On Staten Island, we offer treatment in your home, in certain schools, and in neighborhoods. We also have offices in Nassau County, Queens, and New York City.

Achievement Behavior Services sets itself apart by providing each child with unique treatment plans and services to help them gain the tools they need to be successful. While autism is an incurable neurological disorder, many individuals on the spectrum become successful adults. With the right treatment, improvement is very possible.

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Beginning Steps
Each type of treatment begins with a four-step process to determine your child’s needs: intake, insurance eligibility, assessment, and therapy.

One-on-One Therapy
ABA home therapy allows us to provide one-on-one therapy, which is ideal for children who need specific help with specific issues. This kind of attention is beneficial for children on the spectrum who don’t do well with other children or who remain quiet in a group setting. While group settings are great for some children, they don’t provide the kind of individualized support that some children need.

One-on-one therapy also helps children become more self-reliant. For a child, this could mean using the restroom, waiting at the bus, or eating their meal on their own. In-home ABA therapy provides this type of support as children are learning.

Additionally, ABA home care enables your provider to observe situational and environmental factors that might be affecting your child. There are quite a few benefits to one-on-one ABA therapy.

Group Therapy
Group therapy can be a wonderful resource for children on the spectrum who are doing well on their own but still need to improve their social skills. This therapy is designed to help children recognize their social deficiencies and work to improve them. Practicing their social skills with other children can help your child prepare for real-world settings where certain social behaviors are expected.

In group therapy, we teach your child basic social skills that almost everyone will use when interacting with them. Many children on the spectrum can’t naturally recognize these social cues, so learning them in a therapeutic environment will help them in different social settings.

Therapy at School
A great solution for some children is to receive direct care at home while receiving additional reinforcement at school. This type of therapy is implemented via our Behavioral Intervention Plans that we design with your child in mind.

We work with the school system, your family, and your child to create the ideal support system at school. This can include identifying triggers that teachers and school staff can avoid when working with your child. We provide the training that can allow teachers and staff to know how to respond.

Support for Parents
In addition to the variety of services we offer for your child, we provide support groups for parents. Raising a child with autism often leads to feelings of loneliness or isolation. Being in an environment with other parents who are also raising children on the spectrum can be encouraging. Support groups designed for parents often lead to lasting friendships.

Contact Us
If your child has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and ABA therapy is a recommended tool, contact us today. We can be reached via email at or via phone at 516-229-1194. You can also fill out the form on our website to have a staff member contact you.

We wish you the very best as you embark on this journey with your child.

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What is ABA Therapy?
Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is a specialized treatment often used for children who are on the autism spectrum. ABA uses a reward-based system known as “positive reinforcement” to teach correct behaviors. If correct behavior is rewarded, the child is more likely to behave that way again. If incorrect behavior is not rewarded, the child is less likely to behave that way again.

ABA is versatile. It can be taught in a number of different settings. Examples include school, playtime, or routines. Therapy can be individualized or group-based.

The U.S. Surgeon General and the New York State Department of Health have both certified ABA for autism treatment. ABA can help with mimicking and memorizing appropriate behaviors that don’t come naturally to an autistic child. Learning those types of skills can help a child with autism to have a happy life.

Our Service List
+ In-home aba services
+ Parent Training
+ Initial Assessment
+ BCBA Supervision
+ Social Skills Groups
+ BIP (Behavior Intervention Plans)
+ School Consultations
+ CE Credits coming soon
+ Direct Care
+ Family Training

Passaic ABA Behavior Therapists

Our Process

How ABA Therapy Works?

Research over the last 40+ years has shown the efficacy of ABA Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Step 1: Contact Us
Contact our office to speak with an intake coordinator who will walk you through the enrollment process. Our services begin with an intake consultation with a member of our administrative team. This is a time where families are able to discuss primary areas of concern and determine if ABC can meet their needs.
Passaic ABA Behavior Therapists
Step 2: Insurance Eligibility
During this process our team will determine eligibility for services and navigate the insurance process for you. You will be asked to fill out an application, provide proof of medical diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder, provide a prescription for ABA Therapy services, and provide proof of insurance.
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Step 3: Assessment
The next step is to assess your child’s skill level, which is necessary to guide the development of an individualized Autism treatment plan. The assessment will be conducted by a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and will include the use of various assessment tools. Typically, assessments are conducted in the home setting or virtually. Arrangements can be made to complete the evaluation in an area that best suits your family's needs.
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Step 4: Therapy
Through assessment in everyday situations such as home and school, behaviors are targeted and a detailed therapy plan is developed. Throughout the treatment, data is recorded and analyzed in order to show progress of meaningful change and to evaluate, modify, and refine treatment for the most socially significant outcomes.
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Achievement Behavior Services

Achievement Behavior Services


Everyone from this company has been amazing and friendly. Ariella, Esti helped me navigate expertly and gave a compassionate human touch. Been to 4 companies over the years and I only can genuinely recommend this one. Thank you!


We have had a wonderful experience working with ABC. Our son is well-supported and his technician shows such care and compassion for him even through his most challenging moments & days. Our BCBA Stefanie has been a wealther of knowledge and support as well. She has helpd with the school, preparing us with progres reports, strategies and suggestions as well as data for our doctors vists. We have seen progress against goals and an increas in confidence in our son. We are so glad that we found ABC!


We have been working with ABC for over 3 years for our son on the Autism Spectrum. He has been making many strides and we are very happy with their services. Our BCBA Stefanie is phenomenal and we couldn't be happier with how they have helped our son.


I want to take the time to thank you guys for all your hard work. I know your job isn't easy but I want you to know that your hard work is paying off. My son is doing things he's never done before interested in potty believe it or not he grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom so he can sit although he doesn't do anything but he takes me. He eats oranges and strawberries that was unheard of a few months ago he sometimes eats with a spoon even if it's for a few seconds that was unheard of he's more attentive omg the list goes on. I just wanted to take the time to say ty and I have the best therapist in the world.


A huge thank you for finding me the BEST two ABA therapist. Sophia and Grace are true rock stars and walking angels. Their skills combined with kindness and patience of a saint have truly helped Sophie progress. Sophie, me and her dad, are truly grateful for all of you!


A big thank you to Esti Perl, Intake coordinator, for helping us navigate the insurance information. We were never provided by other agencies all our options. We were struggling to find Full-Time employment and pay for ABA therapy caused us tremendous stress. Esti has helped us save so much money, and we received the very best ABA therapist.


Passaic ABA Behavior Therapists
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Passaic ABA Behavior Therapists
Behavioral Health Agency in Forest Hills
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Behavioral Health Agency in Forest Hills
Behavioral Health Agency in Forest Hills
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne
Behavioral Health Agency in Forest Hills
Behavioral Health Agency in Forest Hills
Behavioral Health Agency in Malverne

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Achievement Behavior Services

Boutique agency since 2015

Achievement Behavior Services is a boutique agency providing quality individualized applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to children on the autism spectrum. Established in 2015 ABS is licensed and trained ABA therapists implement behavioral therapy methods in the child’s environment to improve social, behavioral and adaptive skills.

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