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Achievement Behavior Services, In-Home ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy Services in North Jersey

ABA Therapy in North Jersey

Our multidisciplinary team of New Jersey Licensed and Nationally Certified Achievement Behavior Analysts (ABA) engage all aspects of your child’s social, behavioral, and intellectual functioning to help your child reach his or her true potential. Together with you, the parents, our team thoroughly assesses, plans an intervention, and develops a treatment plan for your child with an autism spectrum disorder. Our team offers parent support groups and advice and stays abreast of the latest developments in our field. Our behavior therapist can act as a legal advocate for your child and your entire family. ABA achievement-oriented social workers and therapists perform:

• Initial behavioral assessments
• In-home services
• In-school services
• Instruction for parents and family
• Behavioral intervention plans
• Direct care and supervision
• Group therapy


Cost Effective Treatment Plans

Unfortunately, insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorders varies by provider. North Jersey law requires your major medical insurance to pay for preliminary screening and diagnosis of learning disabilities, including Asperger’s and autism spectrum disorders. A diagnosis of childhood autism means that your child needs medication and therapeutic treatment. Your child needs physical therapy, exercise, speech and cognitive therapy, and occupational therapy. If your child’s primary diagnosis is autism or Asperger’s syndrome, your medical insurance provider requires that your child follow a behavior therapy treatment plan. Your health care insurance provider may require a second opinion from a behavioral health clinician in your local hospital.


Searching for Answers

If your child was normal at birth and developed an autism spectrum disorder leaving you hurt, searching for answers, our parent support groups offer understanding peers and new friends that benefit you and your children. Caring for a special needs child can cut you off from normal interaction with other adults. Caring for yourself is an essential part of taking care of your children. Parent support grougs can improve your mood, your thoughts, and your well-being.


Autism can be identified before a child is two years old. Genetic and environmental conditions produce a variety of neurological disorders. Statistically, more boys than girls are autistic. Autism ranges from severe to mild. Some autistic children have cognitive impairments. Most have difficulty speaking and relating to others. Regressive autism is a loss of previously developed skills.


On the Spectrum

“On the spectrum” refers to the range of autistic disorders. Asperger’s syndrome is a less severe form of autism. PDD-NOS describe average autism disorders. A comprehensive assessment is required to diagnose an autistic disorder. Only 20 percent of all diagnosed children suffer severe autistic disorders.


ABA Parent Training

Rather than get frustrated, you can learn about autistic spectrum disorders. Understanding your child and responding accurately to his or her unique utterances, emotions, and behavior will achieve the best possible treatment outcome for your child. Parent training will also help you get control of your child’s behavior. You parents are critical to the success of achievement behavior therapy. You can communicate valuable progress, difficulties, and areas that need improvement to your child’s therapist. Trained parents reinforce positive behavior. You can help your autistic child bond with you, siblings, and friends.


Applied Behavior Therapists

Our North Jersey achievement behavior therapists put their skills and experience to work for you as they devise learning and behavior modification treatment plans for your autistic child with a mental health disorder, neurological disorder, or developmental disorder. Our therapists help children learn socially acceptable behavior, modify criminal or disruptive behavior, and recommend inpatient, rehabilitation centers, and day school programs. We have a conveniently located office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.


Achievement Behavior Analysis

Your insurance plan may set annual maximum limits on the amount they pay for ABA therapy as treatment for childhood autism. The maximum annual limit for diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance for a child under eight years old with an autism spectrum disorder is $50,000. A teenager may be limited to $20,000 per year until he or she is 19 years old.


Behavioral Intervention Plans

ABA therapy targets maladaptive behavior and teaches daily living skills to older teenagers with autism spectrum disorders. Focused on skills acquisition, behavioral intervention teaches discrete mathematics, problem solving, following directions, and verbal communication. ABA therapists develop individual learning plans for each child or teenager and teach parents how to train and supervise their special needs child with a developmental learning disorder.


Social Skills

Social skills are learned through interaction with others in groups. Your child is taught basic greetings, basic language skills, recognition and understanding of emotions. Appropriate behavior is reinforced through role-paying exercises. Your child is taught to recognize social cues and respond accordingly. Your child will be expected to rely on his social skills when alone in his or her home, in school, in a restaurant, and on trips. Coping skills and problem-solving skills are also taught.


School Interventions

ABA therapists intervening in school settings benefit your child by creating a behavioral intervention plan (BIP). Teachers can identify your child’s behavioral issues and identify the causes of inappropriate behavior. School counselors and teachers can recognize and change your child’s problem behavior.

Our therapists also teach and train teachers and help them develop effective teaching strategies for your child. Schools and teachers receive assessments, support, and answers to their questions. Our consultations can improve your child’s social skills and keep your child in the classroom learning.


Initial Assessment

The whole family is included in your child’s initial assessment. Parents complete an application consenting to the evaluation. The achievement behavior therapist discusses your child’s issues and your worries to decide what services your child needs. Our staff will contact your insurance company. If your child needs achievement behavior therapy services, our therapists will begin a comprehensive developmental assessment.


Comprehensive Assessment

Our behavioral analysts keep parents involved in all steps of the assessment process. With an array of diagnostic tests, we’ll determine your child’s skill level and ability to learn. ABA therapists will be able to tell you how your child’s level of functioning compares to that of his or her peers. From the assessment and the associated diagnosis, we’ll develop a learning plan based on your child’s current environmental, intellectual, emotional, social, and motor skills.


Achievement Behavioral Analysts

Call North Jersey achievement behavioral analysis today for an initial assessment of your child’s social and intellectual functioning. Early assessment of your child’s autism spectrum disorder can help your child function at a higher level. Your child’s developmental disorder deepens with each year that you delay assessment and treatment.

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    What Makes Us Stand Out

    ABS stands out as an industry leader among ABA Therapy providers, and families chose ABS over other companies for a variety of reasons. For one, ABS makes the onboarding process as quick and effortless as possible. This ensures that children can enter therapy as quickly as possible without any unnecessary impediments for receiving care. Moreover, ABS is owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. As such, providing quality care is the top priority of the company and nothing can interfere with the professional judgment of the people running the business.

    Perhaps the main reason why families choose ABS is because of the outstanding care offered by the company. Such services are provided by top-quality professionals who have years providing therapy to children with autism. Moreover, each of the professionals at ABS are passionate about treating children, and they treat each child as if they were their own. This passion underlies all of the work performed by professionals at ABS and makes the business truly outstanding.

    process Our Process

    How It Works?

    Research over the last 40+ years has shown the efficacy of ABA Therapy for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    ABA not covered by your insurance? We can help! Open enrollment to buy a supplement single plan insurance November 1 to November 15. Contact Achievement Behavior Services for more information today.


    The intake consists of the BCBA observing your child and determining their severity on the spectrum, as well as discussing concerns with your family.

    Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. (516) 229-1194

    Insurance Eligibility

    To determine your eligibility for our services, you'll need to fill out our application, provide us with your child's official diagnosis and provide us with your health insurance information, including a prescription for ABA therapy.

    We offer Behavior Intervention Plans for families who live in the New York as well as in the New Jersey area. We'll help parents to create a BIP that describes any problem behaviors that are known. Contact us at (516) 229-1194 for info today!


    After discussing your child's needs with you and filling out the eligibility forms, the BCBA will thoroughly assess your child to further determine what their needs are.

    At our Social Skills, Groups Staff and parents act as authors who exchange information with ASD children through a formulated process. Contact Achievement Behavior Services for more info. We have locations in the New Jersey and New York areas.


    If you're eligible for our services and we determine that we can help your child, we'll begin therapy. In North Jersey , we offer direct, in-home care, as well as therapies at certain local schools and in social group settings.

    I want to take the time to thank you guys for all your hard work. I know your job isn't easy but I want you to know that your hard work is paying off. My son is doing things he's never done before interested in potty believe it or not he grabs my hand and takes me to the bathroom so he can sit although he doesn't do anything but he takes me. He eats oranges and strawberries that was unheard of a few months ago he sometimes eats with a spoon even if it's for a few seconds that was unheard of he's more attentive omg the list goes on. I just wanted to take the time to say ty and I have the best therapist in the world.


    A huge thank you for finding me the BEST two ABA therapist. Sophia and Grace are true rock stars and walking angels. Their skills combined with kindness and patience of a saint have truly helped Sophie progress. Sophie, me and her dad, are truly grateful for all of you!


    A big thank you to Esti Perl, Intake coordinator, for helping us navigate the insurance information. We were never provided by other agencies all our options. We were struggling to find Full-Time employment and pay for ABA therapy caused us tremendous stress. Esti has helped us save so much money, and we received the very best ABA therapist.


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