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Achievement Behavior Services Offers CE Credits

August 5, 2018

Achievement Behavior Services recognizes that Applied Behavior Analysis therapy provides the best teaching method for children on the Autism Spectrum. Therefore, ABS has made providing individualized, one-on-one ABA therapy treatment a part of its mission. To accomplish this, ABS offers continuing education that helps ABA therapy providers with the necessary information they need to provide the highest quality help possible.

ABS Training Fulfills Its Mission

ABS exists to provide ABA therapy to children with ASD within their immediate environment throughout New York and central New Jersey. Therefore, ABA Behavior Therapists and Board Certified Behavior Analysists remain at the core of the ABS team. Along with support staff, they work together to provide the individualized training that children on the Autism spectrum need. This treatment focuses on increasing a child with ASD's involvement and independence. In turn, this will increase the opportunities available to the child. To do so, treatment includes teaching adaptive, behavioral, and social skills. These include self-help, coping, community participation, emotional development, and self-management along with other skills. In addition to helping children with ASD, ABS provides support to their family member, as well. To do so, ABS provides workshops for parents along with support group services. Finally, ABS recognizes the vital role that ABA therapy service providers play in fulfilling its mission. It's these providers that have the most face time with the children being serviced. To ensure that these providers meet the individual needs of these children, ABS provides continuing education that addresses these needs.

ABS Provides Advanced Training

As you can see, the mission of ABS is training. This training is not only for children with ASD and their families. ABS focuses on training you, the service provider. ABS desires to provide you with training that improve the quality of services you provide. Because of this, ABS recognizes that your CE needs go beyond the basics. Yes, updates to basic information does occur. And, yes, service providers need a refresher training at times. While ABS workshops do address these, the goal ABS CE is to provide more advanced training to help you meet the immediate needs of the children you service. Since information and trends regarding ASD are continually evolving, service providers need to stay up-to-date with this vital information. Therefore, ABS designs its training offerings to reflect this current data. Research-based training makes you a more qualified provider. This allows you to provide the highest quality treatment available.

ABS Helps You Meet Immediate Needs

In addition, ABS training focuses on the immediate needs of children with ASD and their families. Because of this, training topics can be more specific than general information training. And, the training you receive from ABS is relevant to the life of a child on the Autism Spectrum. For example, you can expect workshops pertaining to challenging behavior issues or sexuality issues. These are only a couple of examples of the types of training that ABS offers. As you can see, ABS workshops address specific issues experienced by children with ASD so that you can provide immediate help. This enables you to provide a more individualized treatment plan. As a result, you're providing the right help at the right time. If that weren't enough, the training you receive will be hands-on, so that you will know how to apply what you've learned in real life situations. Also, the training provides specific interventions you can use with the children you service. As a result, you'll have specific resources at your disposal within the child's environment.

ABS Training Fulfills CE Requirements

Finally, the training offered by ABS is BACB approved. As a BCBA, you're required to recertify every two years. To do so, you have to complete 32 hours of continuing education. As to how you receive these credits, BACB has specific rules. Fortunately, as an authorized continuing education provider, all of the training you receive from ABS can be applied to the 32 hour requirement. Basically, you don't have to look anywhere else for your continuing education needs. All you have to do is stay informed of the trainings being offered and sign up for the ones that you're interested in.

The Benefits You Get From ABS Training

Why go anywhere else for your ABA therapy training? You don't have to with the training provided by Achievement Behavior Services. The training you receive from Achievement therapy services will benefit you in more ways than one. Yes, you'll receive CE credit that you can apply toward your CE requirement for recertification, yet that's not the only benefit of ABS training. In addition, you'll receive the most up-to-date information regarding helping children with ASD. More importantly, ABS training addresses specific issues faced by children on the Autism Spectrum. By attending the workshops, you're better able to teach children with ASD how to overcome these issues. You can provide them with the specific skills they need. Ultimately, this makes you a better service provider. This is because you can provide immediate help for specific issues within the child's environment. This pinpoint focus provides a more individualized plan of treatment. Thus, each child gets the exact help he or she needs.

When Considering Continuing Education, Consider ABS

With the training provided by ABS, you don't have to look anywhere else. It is ABS' mission to provide the highest quality ABA therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum in New York and New Jersey. ABS wants to help enhance the lives of these children. To do so, ABS offers continuing education for ABA Behavior Therapists and BCBAs. This training is specific in its focus, hands-on in its approach, and relevant in the information it provides. When you receive training from ABS, you receive training that will help you meet the individual needs of children with ASD. This training is based upon research and proven to be effective with helping children with ASD. With this training, you'll improve your own skillset, which will in turn increase the skillset of the children you service.

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