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How Achievement Behavior Services Differs from Other ABA Companies

December 10, 2020

The Achievement Behavior Sciences brand is based primarily upon the concept that treatment should be one-on-one and individualized to the client's needs. The goal of the services that we provide is to help the client advance to the point where he or she is capable of pursuing opportunities, improving involvement within the community, and achieving further independence. There are many benefits that our services have to offer as compared with the services of other Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) companies.

Ease of Sign-Up It is easy for you to sign up for the services that we provide at Achievement Behavior Sciences. First of all, the enrollment process is efficient and quick. Unlike with other Applied Behavior Anaysis companies, you will not need to be placed on a waitlist. You will become enrolled in the program immediately and may begin receiving your treatment within a few days. Additionally, the insurance billing process for our company is carefully performed and is done within a reasonable amount of time. We maintain our own internal billing team in order to handle your insurance payments. In terms of assigning your treatment to a staff member, our company has an efficient process of deciding upon which of our staff members will be handling your treatment. We staff your treatment quickly after you sign up. You will be placed with whichever one of our very experienced technicians is most well-suited to your treatment.

The Company is Owned and Operated by BCBAs BCBAs are Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Those who hold this credential have earned certification from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. The degree is held in the subject of ABA. This type of certification requires an ample educational background, which each of our owners and operators holds. A prerequisite for holding a BCBA certification is that you must have previously obtained a graduate degree in field relevant to the BCBA certification. You also have to complete the BCBA certification coursework from a university that is accredited to offer this certification. In addition to this educational coursework, it is necessary for the individual who wishes to earn the BCBA certification to practice 1,500 hours of supervised independent fieldwork in Applied Behavior Analysis or 1,000 hours of supervised practicum. It also possible that instead of gaining these practical hours, the aspiring BCBA certified student demonstrate that they have worked 750 hours at a supervised intensive practicum. The prerequisites and coursework requirements for obtaining a BCBA certification are extensive. Each of the owners and operators of our company has earned this certification and are, therefore, well-prepared to manage the employment of our technicians.

The Services We Provide Are Outstanding As Applied Behavior Analysis technicians, the services that we provide are outstanding for the client. Each individual patient will be receiving their own personal treatment plan and will be provided with the utmost of individual attention. The patient will be working one-on-one with a qualified technician for the duration of their treatment. This means that should any emergency arise during the course of the treatment, the technician will be available to respond accordingly. The technician is less an employee of the company and more so an individual liaison for the client in earning the treatment that he or she deserves. This type of one-on-one care allows the patient to excel educationally, interpersonally and professionally in years to come.

We Treat Your Children as Our Own In terms of the care we provide, the skill we employ in providing treatment and the concern level that we have for your children, we treat your children as our own. The management team of BCBAs and the working team of Applied Behavior Analysis technicians are truly passionate about the work that we do in order to help your children achieve their all time best. Our technicians work schedules that reflect our level of concern for your children's well-being. The technicians at our company work whatever hours are necessary in order to ensure that your child is receiving proper treatment for his or her behavior obstacles. This means that sometimes we go over our hours in the treatment sessions and it also means that we take the time out of our day to do all of our homework on your child's particular treatment plan. Because this program is focused on one-on-one treatment, we value the work that we do and the results we deliver above the hours put in on the clock. We do not see this as a scheduled job, but rather as a job that delivers real lasting rewards of having worked to improve your child's life. This means that we work evenings and are also available on the weekends. Should you need to schedule your child's treatment for weekend hours, the technician to whom you are assigned will be more than happy to accommodate in order to do so. What is most important to us at the Achievement Behavior Services company is that your child receives proper treatment, regardless of which day of the week these hours fall on. Support for Parents Though we treat your children as our own, we also value equally as much that you are involved in your child's treatment with Achievement Behavior Sciences. We offer a variety of resources available for parents who wish to become more involved in their children's Applied Behavior Analysis treatment. There are online parent support groups that you may opt to partake in, so as to further your involvement in your child's treatment. In addition, we offer community outings for parents. These can be wonderful bonding experiences for parents who wish to have a friend in the process of witnessing their child's progress through the treatment. The Achievement Behavior Services company stands out from the rest in the individualized treatment that we offer to your children, just as they were our own. We offer a speedy enrollment process, quick staffing placement, BCBA certified management team, emergency response and flexible weekend scheduling hours. Above all, we offer our patients truly one-on-one individualized care throughout the entirety of their treatment.

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