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Why to Choose a Rewarding Career in ABA Therapy

March 20, 2021

An Array Of Productive Careers And Meaningful Opportunities In Applied Behavior Analysis

The Vast Growing Demand for Behavior Analysts

For decades, Applied Behavior Analysis has been used to improve the quality of life for those diagnosed with autism. Although Applied Behavior Analysis can be extremely beneficial for these members of society, behavior analysis success is not limited to those with autism. In fact, behavior analysts are widely sought after in communities across the country. There are now many productive careers and emerging opportunities for those who work in Applied Behavior Analysis!

What is an Applied Behavior Analyst?

Behavior analysts work to address a wide range of socially significant behaviors. These are usually behaviors that make it difficult for an individual to thrive in their daily lives. These behaviors can often be benefited by behavioral modification or the addition of new skills. With certain reinforcements, newly learned skill sets, or improved environments, opportunities that have previously been inaccessible will become accessible to these individuals through Applied Behavior Analysis. Some behaviors are inherent while others are learned. As such, many therapeutic techniques can be used to improve day-to-day functionality. After all, the events that we experience in our lives and the actions of others can dramatically shape our everyday behaviors! Learned behaviors can be influenced by cause and effect. For instance, speeding on the interstate may result in punishment in the form of a speeding ticket. On the other hand, if one were to help a neighbor, they might be rewarded with a smile or a kind word. Behavior analysts address problematic behaviors by reinforcing an array of actions, decisions, behaviors, and even emotional states, appropriately. Thus, behavior analysts help those with certain behavioral issues access a range of new skills and opportunities through behavior modification. The behavior modification playing field is wide and expansive. Since many behaviors must be handled with customized precision and care, the field of Applied Behavior Analysis is vast and growing.

There is An Increasing Demand For Behavior Analysts In The United States

In 2018, a United States-based BGT credentialing Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) was tasked with collecting labor market data on the current demand for behavior analysts in the United States. This board released findings that irrefutably showed a growing demand for behavior analysts in America. In fact, the demand for BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) with masters or doctoral-level certification was reported to have increased by nearly 800% over the previous decade. In addition to this, the need for BCaBAS (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts) with Bachelor level certificates had increased by a whopping 995%. These statistics were based on legitimate job postings requiring, preferring, or searching for, applicants with these certifications. For those currently entering this field, these statistics are very encouraging. So what exactly is causing the high demand? Applied Behavior Analysis Has Proven to Be Successful Perhaps, it's that Applied Behavior Analysis is a tested and proven method of behavioral improvement. These therapeutic tactics have been proven to positively influence significant changes in the quality of life for innumerable individuals through social behavior adjustments and modification. Ample Amounts of Empirical Research Moreover, many Applied Behavior Analysis methods were painstakingly discovered through in-depth empirical research. These studies can be traced back to the beginnings of the 20th century. Many New Technological Developments Additionally, many of these principles have been derived from new research and developments in the modern field of behavior change. Then, these modern techniques can be expertly applied in various scenarios. Beneficial Approaches in Many Scenarios Through in-depth field research, a wide range of techniques have proven to be successful. These Applied Behavior Analysis principles can now be used in a wide range of scenarios. As such, the demand for those with Applied Behavioral Analysis certifications has risen accordingly.

Many Careers are Available For Behavior Analysts

Although behavior analysts are most widely known for working with autistic individuals, their skills are sought-after in a range of fields. In the Workplace For instance, organizational behavior management implements the same applied behavioral analytic principles to strategic workplace scenarios. These techniques and principles can help co-workers and management work together in a copacetic manner while also improving workplace productivity. Brain Injury Improvement Furthermore, Applied Behavior Analysis techniques are known to help assist those impacted by brain injuries. Developmental skill acquisition programs allow behavior analysts to help those with brain injuries more easily navigate their day-to-day responsibilities. With these applied therapies, impacted individuals can more easily achieve independence, improve daily life success, and reduce unwanted behaviors. Assisting Athletes There are also many job opportunities for behavior analysts in behavioral sport psychology. In this field, the analysts can help athletes increase concentration, exercise more efficiently, set better goals, and decrease performance errors. Substance Abuse Treatment There is also a growing demand of interest for behavior analysts in substance abuse treatment programs. Various Applied Behavior Analysis techniques and approaches have been proven to prevent or aid in treating substance abuse issues. Senior Care Finally, behavior analysts are now being sought after in the field of behavioral gerontology. Behavioral gerontology applies behavioral analysis to age-related issues for senior citizens. Statistics show that 20% of the population of the United States will reach the age of 65 in the next 10 years. Behavior analysts can help seniors sustain their independence, exercise properly, practice nutritional health, adhere to medical routines, and more.

Steps to Take for Launching Applied Behavior Analysis Careers

So what is required in New York and New Jersey to become a BCBA, RBT, behavior technician, or paraprofessional? First and foremost, you'll need to have a desire to help your fellow man. You'll also need to possess the dedication needed to achieve certification. However, with the right mindset, this is undoubtedly a rewarding and achievable career path. After choosing this path, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. These include being at least 18 years old, having a high school diploma, passing a background check, and having 40 hours of certified training. Then, you will need to complete an initial competency assessment. From there, you must take and pass the RBT exam. To learn more, simply click this link!

Begin Your Behavior Analysis Career Now

Are you interested in meaningful jobs that will help children on the autism spectrum? To learn more about getting a job or launching your career in Behavioral Analysis or BCBA Therapy in the states of NY or NJ, contact ABA Achieve! Growth and Flexibility We offer flexible hours, personalized scheduling, and plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement in the behavioral health field. We also have part-time and full-time positions available! Moreover, some employees may be eligible for referral bonuses after three months of employment. Our agency offers intensive individualized one-on-one treatment. This treatment is rooted in the principles of ABA. Rewarding Careers that Count We customize our services to meet the needs of our clients and their families. Our treatment plans focus on increasing skills for involvement, independence, and opportunity. Simultaneously, we work to decrease problematic behaviors and remove barriers to learning. At Achievement Behavioral Services, we have a strong administrative team and a board of certified behavior analysts. We work together to provide applied behavioral Analysis Therapy Services for children of all ages with disorders that fall on the Autism spectrum, including Asperger's. Although we have offices located in Nassau County, NYC, and Queens, we also provide services at home and in communities and schools across the area.

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