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Exploring Indoor Destinations in New York: Safe Spaces for Children with Autism during this dangerous air pollution crisis

June 9, 2023

When outdoor air quality is compromised as it right now due to Canada fires or weather conditions are unfavorable, finding suitable indoor destinations becomes essential. For families with children on the autism spectrum, it's crucial to seek out places that are accommodating, sensory-friendly, and provide enriching experiences. The following is a highlight of some indoor destinations in New York that cater to the needs of children with autism, offering safe and enjoyable experiences for both the children and their families.
1. Sensory Play Centers:
Sensory play centers are designed specifically to stimulate and engage children's senses in a controlled and supportive environment. These centers typically offer various sensory experiences, such as ball pits, tactile stations, interactive exhibits, and calming spaces. Examples include "Sensory City" and "Sensory Street" in New York City, where children can explore, experiment, and develop their sensory skills.
2. Children's Museums:
Children's museums are ideal destinations for hands-on learning and exploration. They often provide interactive exhibits, workshops, and activities that cater to various interests and developmental levels. Look for museums with dedicated sensory-friendly hours or programs, such as the "Brooklyn Children's Museum" and the "Children's Museum of Manhattan." These institutions often offer resources and accommodations for children with autism.
3. Indoor Adventure Parks:
Indoor adventure parks combine physical activity and excitement within a controlled environment. Trampoline parks, indoor climbing centers, and obstacle courses offer opportunities for children to engage in safe and structured play. When visiting such parks, inquire about specific accommodations they provide for children with autism, such as quieter hours or sensory-friendly sessions. "Bounce! Trampoline Sports" and "The Cliffs" are examples of indoor adventure parks in New York.
4. Libraries and Bookstores:
Libraries and bookstores provide a peaceful and enriching atmosphere for children with autism who enjoy reading and quiet activities. Many libraries host Storytime and educational programs tailored to different age groups. Additionally, some bookstores feature cozy reading areas and cafes, allowing families to relax and enjoy books together. Check out the New York Public Library branches or independent bookstores like "Books Are Magic" for welcoming spaces.
5. Sensory-Friendly Movie Theaters:
Going to the movies can be a delightful experience for children, but it can also be overwhelming due to loud sounds and bright lights. Fortunately, several theaters offer sensory-friendly screenings, which include reduced volume, dimmed lights, and relaxed rules about movement and noise. Major theater chains like AMC and Regal Cinemas occasionally host sensory-friendly showings, so be sure to check their schedules for availability.

When seeking indoor destinations in New York for children with autism, it's essential to prioritize sensory-friendly environments that cater to their unique needs. Sensory play centers, children's museums, indoor adventure parks, libraries, bookstores, and sensory-friendly movie theaters offer inclusive spaces where children can engage, explore, and have fun. Before visiting, remember to check for specific accommodations and resources available to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for your child and the entire family.

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